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You should know that this dunk’s worth is only two points; it is the same points you will get when you make a shot from the mid-range. When you shoot the ball from outside the “D,” then you will get three points, but this basketball dunk is very helpful when you need to win the game at last.

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Ankle, knee, neck, and head injuries await those who fail to control their momentum after a dunk. Remember, even though dunking is dramatic and exciting, it still counts only two points. If you can't dunk, it's not the end of the world. You can be an extremely effective scorer without ever dunking the ball.

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If an athlete was gifted enough to jump from behind the three-point line and dunk or lay it in, the basket would count as three points, not two. Where ever the player jumps from and lands has no effect on if the basket is worth two or three points.

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A slam dunk, also simply dunk, is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air, controls the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim, and scores by putting the ball directly through the basket with one or both hands touching the rim. It is considered a type of field goal; if successful, it is worth two points. Such a shot was known as a "dunk shot" until the term "slam dunk" was coined by former Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn. The slam dunk is usually t

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The dunk calculator helps you to know how high you need to jump to make a dunk. A successful dunk shot is worth two points! Dunk is such a shot that gives a player a guaranteed outcome of points. Dunk shot is very popular among basketball players for its effectiveness on points. For a dunk shot, your standard reach is more required than your height.

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Sure, it’s only worth two points, the same as a layup, but it looks a heck of a lot cooler! Not only that, but a commanding dunk has the power to turn the momentum of a game, fire up the crowd, and deflate your opponent’s ego. Dunking a basketball is a skill some players take for granted.

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So as you can see, the distance to dunk from the three-point line is about 10 feet more than the distance from the free-throw line. Adding 2 to 3 feet or maybe even 5 feet to a dunk seems a little more possible, but adding 10 feet to an already extremely difficult dunk would make this quite a jump. 2. Long Jumper Ability

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Step 1: Enter your standing reach. If you don't know your standing reach you can also use your height and the Dunk Calculator will estimate your standing reach using the standing reach calculator . Step 2: Put in how high you need to reach above the rim to be able to dunk. Six inches is the default value. Step 3:

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Phoenix Mercury centre Brittney Griner with a slam dunk against the Chicago Sky during the first quarter of Game 2 of the WNBA Finals. 0:29. Skylar Diggins-Smith, who had 13 points and 12 assists ...