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(Also known as a FLUSH, JAM, SLAM, SLAM-DUNK, STUFF) Probably one of the most well known basketball phrases. E. Ejected -When a player or coach is ejected, the referee(s) sends him to the locker room and out for the rest of the game. Someone gets ejected if he has two technicals or has tried to hurt another person. End line -See BASELINE. F

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If you shoot the basketball underhand versus overhand, you might hear calls of “granny shot!” across the court. However, for professional basketball players like Rick Barry, the so-called granny shot makes for a pretty good free-throw percentage.

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alley-oop: A designed play in which a player lobs the ball toward the basket and a teammate jumps up, catches the ball in midair, and usually dunks it. block out (or box out): Using the body to block or shield an opponent in order to gain better position to grab a rebound. boards: Rebounds.

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Shots and Passing. Players shoot for goal with a set shot if both feet are on the ground, or with a ...

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Basketball Terms in English! In this lesson, you will learn a list of words related to basketball with their meaning and examples. Popular Basketball Terms Here is the list of words used...

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Learn more about the game of basketball at the Basketball Hall of Fame. Famous. Ya Gotta Believe. We Are Family. Just Us. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now. Deserve Success. Too much sauce. Eat. Sleep. Basketball. Repeat. Make it rain! Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. You can’t be as good as you. You have to be better than.

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Steal - The basketball term steal is used when a player forces a turnover from an opponent by taking the basketball from them or deflecting a pass. Stride Stop - A variation of the jump stop. But instead of both feet touching the ground simultaneously, in a stride stop one foot hits the ground before the other.

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Common expressions about basketball. I love playing basketball it's my favorite sport. I like playing basketball with friends at school and after. I'm getting a good workout while am playing basketball. At the local sports hall, I play basketball with my old school friends.