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We breed high quality betta fish for sale and ship them directly to your doorstep. Our online tropical fish store carries rare male and female betta fish. We are a full service online betta store. Buy rare betta fish for sale. We carry male, female, multicolor, galaxy koi betta fish, half moon plakat and other types of betta fish.

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Welcome to Betta Fish Top Betta fish for sale, we’re selling betta fish online. We live in Thailand and our goal is exporting all our top quality bettas to WORLDWIDE!! To make you all understand clearly about shipping cost & shipping details , please read SHIPPING DETAILS page carefully. If you still have any questions […]

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from $15.00. Select Options. (CBG-04)C-13 Fancy Marble Mix Plakat Female Betta Betta Female Fancy Marble, Blue Rim Buy 4 Get 1 Free $60, Buy 1 for $15. from $15.00. Select Options. (CBG-01)C-5 Mixed Plakat Female Betta Koi, Nemo, Candy, Galaxy Buy 4 Get 1 Free $60, Buy 1 for $15. from $15.00.

Betta Fish for Sale: Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish)

The Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Over 100 years ago aquarists in the Orient began breeding Betta fish to emphasize color and finnage. The results of those efforts are readily seen in the beautiful variety of today's Bettas. NEW! WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish now available in the Diver's Den®! Learn more here

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Select Options. (CBY-06) Betta Male Mix Color Copper, Silver Plakat Buy 4 Get 1 Free $80, Buy 1 for $20. from $20.00. Select Options. (CBY-05) Betta Male Dragon Red, Black, Red, Yellow, Platinum, Hellboy, Samurai, Avatar Buy 4 Get 1 Free $80, Buy 1 for $20. from $20.00.

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