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Common Volleyball Shoulder Injuries and Treatments

Injuries can be traumatic or cumulative. Traumatic ones involve a sudden force or impact to the shoulder or arm and include rotator cuff tears, dislocations, subluxations (partial dislocations), and separations. Cumulative injuries are more common and include diagnoses such as rotator cuff tendonitis, bursitis, or impingement syndrome.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries in Volleyball Athletes

Ongoing pain before, during or after play should be questioned. This can be a sign of rotator cuff tendinitis or impingement. Immediate sharp pain after a hard swing, fall, or awkward hit should also be a red flag. Common injuries that occur are muscle tears, labral tears and subluxations (partial dislocation).

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During serving and spiking, the rotator cuff muscles are important in generating the necessary power to move the shoulder. While rarely completely torn in young players, these muscles can get irritated or fatigued with overuse. Often, rest and physical therapy services may be enough to resolve pain.

Common Volleyball Injuries: The Complete List Of Medical Injuries

Shoulder Injuries in Volleyball #1: Shoulder Instability. Shoulder instability refers to excessive motion of the humeral head in the glenoid. Injury or... #2: Rotator Cuff Disorder. Considering that volleyball players make thousands of hits and serves in a season, it’s... #3: Internal Impingement. ...

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The second injury I want to highlight in our list of volleyball injuries is shoulder pain in a volleyball player. This usually occurs in the arm that is used for attacking and serving and is due to the repetitions in volleyball. Throughout the season, players swing at a volleyball thousands of times. This includes warming up for practice, during practice, during matches, and the swings that are taken outside of the gym.

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Shoulder injuries — Constant use of the arms can cause volleyball players to suffer from: Shoulder irritation and inflammation, specifically in the rotator cuff muscles. Rotator cuff tendonitis or tears.

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Six Common Volleyball Injuries- and How to Prevent Them! - Orange County Pediatric and Sports Medicine Practice. 1) Concussions. Most of the concussions I encounter are seen in liberos or defensive specialists. They usually occur from direct ball to head impact ... 2) Shoulder injuries. 3) ...

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Common Shoulder Injuries in Volleyball Players: Shoulder Impingement/Rotator Cuff Tendinitis What are the Risk Factors? Muscular imbalances throughout shoulder girdle Weak postural and musculature around the shoulder blades; Weak posterior rotator cuff musculature; Tight and shortened musculature on the anterior aspect of the shoulder