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Tennis and Back Pain - Radiology of Indiana

The hard surface of the court and uneven nature of the sport, which places most of the burden on one side of the body, can cause aches and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Bad posture is a common culprit of back pain for tennis players. Many players keep their heads forward with their upper backs rounded, placing undue stress on the lower back. Forehand and backhand shots require a large amount of trunk rotation, which twists the spine. The tennis serve hyperextends the lower back and ...

Back pain in tennis players: a link with lumbar serve ...

Results: The pain group had significantly reduced lower lumbar mobility in every plane of motion than the no pain group. The pain group demonstrated less right lower lumbar and pelvis/shoulder rotation, greater right pelvic tilt, earlier peak right knee extension velocity during the drive phase of the tennis serves, and greater lower lumbar and pelvis left rotation, upper lumbar left lateral flexion, and anterior pelvis tilt during the forward-swing phase.

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How Tennis Causes Back Pain. Front- and back-hand shots require a large amount of trunk rotation and twisting in the spine when playing tennis; The tennis serve hyper-extends the lower back and can compress lumbar discs. This hyperextension of the lower back can stress the small joints in the spine, lumbar discs, as well as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the spine

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Sit on the floor and place the tennis ball behind you. Use your hands to lower your back onto the ball so that it rests on one side of your back, directly above the hip bone. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Use your feet to roll the ball up your back slowly, pausing when your feel a tight spot.

Things to Know About Back Pain from Tennis

Our Los Angeles spinal surgeons and specialists work with many athletes to correct spinal pain and discomfort, with many individuals sharing the pastime of tennis. The combination of maintaining an unnatural posture during play and the hard surface of a regulation court can create musculoskeletal conditions in the body that cause back and neck pain in athletes who play tennis regularly.

5 Tennis Tips (For When You Have Back Pain)

Like any sport, tennis is not without its risks when it comes to back pain. Some of the aspects of tennis that might worsen back pain are repetitive motions and what Dr. Carter calls “asymmetric distribution of force,” which means all that power you put behind your serves and volleys isn’t evenly dispersed in the body.

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Tennis can be hard on a player's body. The hard surface of the court and uneven nature of the sport, which places most of the burden on one side of the body, can cause aches and pain in your neck, shoulders and back. Almost everybody who experiences tight shoulders and neck accompanied with tension headaches knows how unpleasant they pain can be. Bad posture can compound the problem, turning minor aches into incessant pain.

Tennis Injuries: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and ...

The most common back injury in tennis players is acute lumbar strain.Typically it presents as unilateral or bilateral low back pain, often with painful paraspinal muscle spasms. Frequently, there is a history of a change in the duration or intensity of play or a recent change in stroke technique . Pain typically is localized to the back and is not accompanied by radicular symptoms.