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Prevent floor burn from keeping you down with reliable volleyball knee pads, which provide the necessary cushioning to make game-saving moves across the floor more comfortable. Impact-reducing padding made with materials like foam or rubber minimizes the force of each drop to the ground to help protect your kneecaps.

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Why do volleyball players wear their knee pads under their knees? Because there are many times when your knee does not hit the floor, preferably the top of your sheen touches it. And wearing it low saves that part from scratches or injuries.

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How to Put Knee Pads On. The most important part is how you should put them on before your big game start; you need to slide each foot into the knee pads and then pull the pads up to your knee. The larger padding should always be in front and the adjustment bit at the back of your knee. Read more information about the stretch bit and the adjustment procedures. All knee pads should always be worn slightly below your kneecap for the full protection of your knee.

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ASICS makes some of the best volleyball shoes and the same goes for their kneepads. As their name suggests, the ASICS Setter Knee Pads are particularly great for setters. They utilize a Gel Cushioning system that is placed in high-impact areas to better absorb shock and impact for better protection.

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Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee pads – The Nike brand comes in black and white. They also come with a low profile and are for players who want lower coverage. They also come with an interior core of high-density protective padding as well as an exceptional dri-fit liner.

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The Volleyball Knee Pads usually cost anywhere between $10 - $50. Some of the products from renowned sports brands may even go higher. However, you can normally get a good pair of sports knee pads ...

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But, knee pads are rapidly becoming associated with being “for girls”, and even just that approach is pretty questionable these days. A lot of guys refuse to wear them purely for the fact that they are seen as being more effeminate, and they don’t want to be made fun of on the court by the rest of their team, or anyone watching.

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If the knee pads are slim, you can wear them under or over your pant. If the knee pads are bulky, it won’t be possible to wear them under your pant comfortably. Do professional volleyball players wear knee pads? Indeed. Professional volleyball players always wear knee pads to protect themselves against injuries which may hamper their career.