April 5, 2020

VidMate APK – HD Video Downloader for Android

Vidmate is an application that is accessible on all the platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. Vidmate Apk is a free downloadable application which allows a user to stream and download the videos and content from social media platforms. There are many other applications through which you can search or stream videos of other applications but when it comes to downloading only the Vidmate app gives you an opportunity to download videos from 20 other streaming applications. You can view or download any video or Mp3 that you want.

The current version of Vidmate 2018 is compatible for all the mobile and tablet devices and also available for different platforms like Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, iOS devices, Blackberry phones and also for android computers. This app also allows you to watch all the HD movies and songs as well as you can also download them in your device easily.


vidmate apk

Vidmate Video Downloader also helps a user to obtain tablets, Music videos, TV Serials, Songs, and Movies etc. If you are very much into movies then Vidmate is the right choice for you as you can watch and download unlimited movies at any time anywhere.

Vidmate – Features

Vidmate is an application that comes with many unique and advanced features that allow users to use the application with ease. We have listed some very important and unique features for you that are mentioned below:

User-Friendly Interface

As the Vidmate application provides a lot of features within the application and that is very hard to manage but Vidmate has done it very intelligently and systematically so that if a user is accessing the application for the very first time still the user won’t face any difficulty in using the application. This is the thing that makes the Vidmate app very beautiful and well managed. 

Fastest Download Speed

You must be concern that the speed of streaming and downloading depends on the quality of the internet connection but the Vidmate have used such an advanced technology that provides up to 200MBPS the faster speed of downloading and streaming on the same internet connection.

Unlimited Movies and Videos Download

With the use of the Vidmate app, you can download unlimited HD Movies and Videos for free of cost. You can download as well as can stream the movies and videos directly on your mobile or tablet devices. There is not a limit of movies that you can download and it is not necessary to download a single movie at a time. You can download multiple movies at a time and as many movies as you want because it is unlimited and for free of cost.

High-Quality Music Download

Many apps nowadays give you allowance to download and stream the HD quality songs but that is for limited time and they also cost for that service but Vidmate is the application that provides users the credibility to download and stream unlimited HD songs no matter what the language is whether it is English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and many more. You can directly stream and download the songs directly to your android, windows and iOS devices.

Live TV Channels

If above-mentioned features are not enough for you then don’t worry through Vidmate you can also stream Live TV channels. There are many apps on the market that claims to provide an allowance to stream Live TV channels but the majority of them are fake or that require money to watch. Vidmate has given a very interesting feature to watch 200 Live TV channels that cover Movies, Music, Entertainment, Fashion, News, Sports and many other types of channels within the app and these all for free of cost.

Advanced Download

While downloading a video or a movie you can save time because Vidmate allows the speed to be 200Mb faster on the same internet connection. You can download as many videos, movies, and songs that you want there is no limit to that. You can also download multiple things at the same time in the background with pause and stop feature.

How to download Movies?

vidmate screenshots

Downloading a movie in Vidmmate is a very easy task that doesn’t require you to be from a technical background anyone can download videos or movies in Vidmate because of its user-friendly environment. For your Ease, we have provided the steps and guidelines down below so that you don’t face any difficulty while downloading movies.

  1. The basic and most important this is that first you have to download and install the Vidmate app on your Phone then run the app.
  2. Now on the homepage of the application, you will see a search bar. In that search bar type the title of the movie and click on the search button.
  3. Now, you will see the results of your search, then tap on the media file that you see in the search results.
  4. Now, you will see a download icon right next to the play button.
  5. Click that button and you will be asked for the quality preferences, select the quality according to your need and then press OK button.
  6. Now the download will start automatically and you can see the progress in the Downloads section of the application.
  7. And when the download gets completed you will see the movie in the Download section of the application.

Vidmate Application – How to install?

Installation of Vidmate applications can be done easily in any smartphone as the application is available for all the Android, Windows and iOS devices. If you facing any issue related to the installation of the Vidmate app then we have provided the steps and guidelines to install a Vidmate app for Android, Windows and iOS devices. In order to do that follow the steps mentioned below.

Install Vidmate – Android

  1. First, open the Google play store in your Android device.
  2. Then search for Vidmate in the search bar of play store.
  3. Now, the VIdmate page will open, then you will see a green Install button just click the button.
  4. Now the process of installation will start and you will get an updated version of the app.
  5. Once the installation gets completed you can run the app and you can easily use the services of Vidmate.

Install Vidmate for PC – Windows

vidmate for pc

The vid made application is currently unavailable for Windows phones as it is an android and iOS based application, but you can use these exact same features for windows through FvdTube downloader. This allows you to download movies and videos for free.

Note: If you want to use vidmate for Windows phone then you will have to use the Android Emulator, through this you can use android based apps like Vidmate.

Install Vidmate – iOS 

Vidmate is currently unavailable for iOS platform. If you still want to use the Vidmate application on your iOS device then follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. First, download the Android Emulator Andy in your iOS device. This will allow you to run the android apps to run on iOS platform.
  2. Then from the web download the Vidmate free apk. You can search for Vidmate Apkand you will find it online easily.
  3. Then open the Apkfile in Android Emulator that will help you to install the application on your iOS device.
  4. Now, you can run the application in your iOS device through an android emulator.


Q. How to Download Vidmate videos?
A. In the Homepage of Vidmate, popular video sites are listed. Enter a site and choose a video you want to download. You will see a red round button at the lower right corner of the page. Click it to download. Then you can play your videos.

Q. How to Delete Vidmate downloaded videos?
A. Enter “Download list” in the menu of Vidmate, click “Edit” button at the upper right corner of the page. Check the videos you want to delete and click the “Trash” icon at the bottom of the page.

Q. How can I browse other video sites in Vidmate?
A. In the homepage of Vidmate, you can find a search box at the top. Enter the URL of a site you want to browse, then Vidmate will bring you to the destination.

Q. Why the Downloads don’t resume when network reconnects?
A. In Setting function, there is an option called Download auto resume. If you turn off this option, downloads will not resume when network reconnects. When you face the problem, please check this option first.